The Year 2002 marked a major milestone in the history of Guam’s Mixed Martial Arts Scene. At the time the founder and owner of SPIKE22, Mr. Melchor Manibusan, was and continues to be a world class athlete that traveled the world as a Wrestler and MMA fighter representing his native island of Guam. 

Through his vision and passion for contact sports he founded SPIKE22 Athletics Gym, one of the first if not the first fully operating MMA gym on the island. SPIKE22 namesake was derived from his beloved pet dog “SPIKE” because of his unconditional loyalty and “22” for his jersey number from his American football days when he was a young boy. As a member of the football team it instilled in him the value of TEAMWORK and DEDICATION. 

Throughout the years SPIKE22 Athletics has catered to all athletes from beginner level to world class champions. It is not uncommon for visiting Athletes to show up at our SPIKE22 Head Quarters where it all began humbly many years ago. Top Visiting MMA athletes such as (+) “Kid” Yamamoto , BJ Penn, Sakuraba, as well as Guam UFC Fighters heavy weight Roque Martinez, Frank “The Crank” Camacho, and Trevon Jones have graced the tried and true cage and mats of Spike22. The Spike 22 fighter stable runs deep with fighters and champions representing in different fight promotions like Brawl, Pacific Extreme Combat, Rizin, DEEP, and ONE FC. These fighters have trained and prepared themselves for battle in the Asian MMA scene at the SPIKE HQ, Fighters like  Kyle “Money” Aguon, Joey Crisostimo, Miyuu Yamamoto, and Erson Yamamoto. In addition to its strong MMA representation, Spike22 has a healthy roster of Brazilian Jujitsu Black Belts and students, as well as classes in Free Style Wrestling, Greco Wrestling, Kick Boxing and Boxing which continues to be a part to the training curriculum of Spike22. 

The expansion of the SPIKE22 Brand has found its way of the shores of Guam and into the US mainland and Australia. Today, these thriving affiliate gyms continue to produce top athletes that represent the Island warrior spirit as well as the loyalty and dedication to the SPIKE22 Familia. If you have the good fortune of training in a SPIKE22 Athletic Gym your experience would be one to remember.